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Ace – Beginnings, Opportunity; Missed Opportunity, Bad Timing
Two – Balance, Cooperation; Disharmony
Three – Connection, Sharing; Loss
Four – Stability, Foundation; Instability
Five – Activity; Disturbance
Six – Flow, Pattern, Communication; Ignorance
Seven – Mystery, Change; Stagnation
Eight – Movement, Harmony/Health, Time; Imbalance
Nine – Growth, Wishes; Disappointment, Idealism
Ten – Completion

Spades: Powerful, intense, demanding, controlling, secretive, possessive, charming, mysterious, calculating, detached.

Hearts:  Emotional, creative, romantic, compassionate, generous, sensitive, nurturing, dependable, protective, moody.

Diamonds: Independent, extravagant, impulsive, impatient, optimistic, dynamic, restless, analytical, intelligent, high strung.

Clubs: Practical, friendly, reliable, trustworthy, helpful,  ambitious, enthusiastic, sensible, stable, stubborn. 

Jacks: You are lively and should focus on the little things in life that bring you joy.

Queens: You bring strong emotions, intuition, and healing to any situation. You are also devoted to growth and personal power.
Kings: You display control and leadership while also being protective and commanding. Embrace your power, but don't take it for granted. 

How to interpret that gold playing card in your package

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